Home-stay grandfather-Charlie

25 三月, 2007 at 7:29 上午 (Australia)

Charlie is my home-stay mother’s father. My home-stay mother and father went to Sydney for celebrating New Year for two weeks, then Charlie in charged of our meals.

When Charlie was young, he follow his mother came to Australia. His nationality is Italy.

 He still keep a lot of Italian traditional. Actually he doesn’t think he is Australian, but Italian! He love to cook, he also emphasize on nutrition, and the most important thing is: the meals he cook are low fat and full of nutrition!!!

In addtion, during Charlie’s company, Leo, Sofila and I experienced Italian life, such as eating Italian food (Pasta…), watching opera video and Italian movies.

I learn some things from Charlie. I leart to add singing or music to my life, I leart to be appreciative of my life.

I never know singing  can make people to have more energy and be more pleasant, until I saw Charlie did. 

Now, when I cook and do somethings I add singing and music to my life. To leart different life style from Italy.


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