About me (A.G.)

Dear friends,

I am back!!!

停滯已久的Angelina 部落格現在要重新開張了, 會試著跟大家分享一些生活體驗!


2011, May 30 in Taiwan.



I am Angelina (A.G.) and living in Taiwan now. But I am going to Australia to get my Master degree soon.

I like to try any novelties and add unforgettable experiences or memories in my life! But “Safty" is my first priority to consider to do or don’t do it.

I also like to travel and usually travel alone. I really enjoy writing the postcards and sending it to my family or friends. I regard postcards as my travelling diary, I really would like to share my feeling and thought with my family and friends! Hope they enjoy it as well!

I am going to Australina soon, that also means I am going to turn the new page in my life! What kind of my life in Australia? What kind of people I would meet? What kind of food I would cook for myself? What kind of room I would live in? What kind of……etc. There are a lot of untold stories and things need me to discover and share with you. Just keep to visit my blog, then you will know it!!! ^__^



2006, Nov. 11 in Taiwan.


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