My 2nd X’mas in OZ

27 十二月, 2007 at 7:27 上午 (Australia)

X’mas always is Bigest festival for western people, however for Asian people it is just a holiday for relaxing more than celebrating!!!

I still remember my 1st X’mas in OZ I had lunch and dinner with Sarah and Kevin, that was a very relaxing day for me!!!

This X’mas (in 2007) I was invited by my bakery shop employer, Kay and Kris. They asked me to come to their house and attend their family meeting!!! They don’t allow me to celebrate X’mas alone or by myself!!! Really I was very excited and looking  forward to meeting them and their family!!!

Kay and Kris are my employer, in the other word, both of them are my BOSS. Of course I was very nervious… I was not sure could I have good conversation with them, and could they understand me!!?? It was untold expectation at that moment!!!

YES, that’s so GREAT!!! I am not only have chance to know what kind of person Kay and Kris is!!! also met more friendly, kindly and caring ladies and gentlemen during Kris’s family meeting!!! Found lovely Australians!!!!

In the end of day, Kay and Kris drove me home, I gave everyone a hug to thank them gave me such good opportunity to know such friendly Australians!!!

Eventually, I still thank them very much!!!! They enriched my impression of X’mas in OZ!!! Thank you, Kay and Kris!!!! 

dscn0004.jpg   dscn0009.jpg

Pic1: My X’mas gift from Kay and Kris

Pic2: marengue cake made by Kay, I love it !!!

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Got fishes!!

8 四月, 2007 at 8:57 上午 (Australia)


March 18th 2007

That morning (4:30 am), Dave and I went to fish.

Look at pic!!! This fish is BONITO. Totally we catched four BONITOs, but we didn’t keep them even eat them. Dave said these fishes too small!

How can we find the fish?! Actually Dave teach me to look for birds, if we saw the birds are gethering together and near wather that mean there are fish there! So we were trying to looking for birds. In addition, we also can looking for spray (made by fishes). 

Fishing is one of most popular activties in Australia. I see a lot of boats are sailing on the sea during our fishing trip. Also we saw TWO big sea turtles!!!!

Thank you my firend Dave ^__^

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Australia Zoo

25 三月, 2007 at 9:47 上午 (Australia)

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Gun shooting

25 三月, 2007 at 9:15 上午 (Australia)

Gun shooting

Friends and I went to a farm where need to drive two hours from my living place.

It’s my first time to shoot.

It’s quite fun, but also scared activity. The gun is quite heavy and need much more engery to hold it. For girls, it’s not easy to hold it, even to get target! At least, I got the one target!!!  

My friend Dave is quite good at gun shooting, he was one of member of gun shooting club. He also took me to gun shooting club and took a look. People in there are really very good at shooting, also includes girls!!!

In Australia, people have various activities to have fun, such as boating, fishing, gun shooting, golf…ect. It also is a good opportunity to experience the typical life in Australia ^_^

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My first black dress

25 三月, 2007 at 8:31 上午 (Australia)


I was invited to attend friends’ 21st brithday party. The dress needs “smart casual"!?

Hmm…."Smart Casual"…It’s hard for me to define what’s “Smart Casual"… Then my friend Dave gave me a suggestion: why don’t you buy a black dress ?! Every woman need black dress!

Hmmm…that’s good suggestion to buy a black dress for me. It’s time for me to be a lady now!!

Look !! It’s my first black dress!!

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Gold Cost

25 三月, 2007 at 8:17 上午 (Uncategorized)

Gold Cost

Gold Cost is one of famous beach in Brisbane. However, quite a few people (includes local people and tourists) drown in Gold Cost every year.

The wave is very rough and big, that’s reason lots people came to Gold Cost to surf and have so many dreadful accidents happen.

However, it is can’t doubt that Gold Gost is really very pleasant place to go and play. Especially you have to wear Bikini!!!! To be a bikini girl or beach boy!!!

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25 三月, 2007 at 7:56 上午 (Uncategorized)


My friend-Dave took me to Victoria Point to Kayaka.

Do you know what is Kayaka?? Kayaka is similar with canoe, but the difference is with this hobie kayaka is that use paddle with our feet and leave our hands free to fish, have a look at : www. or you can my pic above!

It’s my first to Kayaka, it’s quite fun!!!  

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Home-stay grandfather-Charlie

25 三月, 2007 at 7:29 上午 (Australia)

Charlie is my home-stay mother’s father. My home-stay mother and father went to Sydney for celebrating New Year for two weeks, then Charlie in charged of our meals.

When Charlie was young, he follow his mother came to Australia. His nationality is Italy.

 He still keep a lot of Italian traditional. Actually he doesn’t think he is Australian, but Italian! He love to cook, he also emphasize on nutrition, and the most important thing is: the meals he cook are low fat and full of nutrition!!!

In addtion, during Charlie’s company, Leo, Sofila and I experienced Italian life, such as eating Italian food (Pasta…), watching opera video and Italian movies.

I learn some things from Charlie. I leart to add singing or music to my life, I leart to be appreciative of my life.

I never know singing  can make people to have more energy and be more pleasant, until I saw Charlie did. 

Now, when I cook and do somethings I add singing and music to my life. To leart different life style from Italy.

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My sharemate couple came from Brazil

15 三月, 2007 at 12:21 下午 (Australia)

 They were my homestay sharemate, Leo and Sophila, very firendly and love to talk.

They also invited me to attend Brazil style X’mas party in 2006. Then I leart one thing : How do Brazilian celebrate X’ams? is same as Western do? The answer is ….NO!!!

Midnight is their beginning to start to celebrate X’ams. That means every Brazilian have to wait midnight coming and start their X’mas feast and dinner. For me, it’s long time to wait to have my dinner!! >__<

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The Story on Jan. 23, 2007–Part II

15 三月, 2007 at 11:17 上午 (Uncategorized)

He is woman!!! Not a man!! >__<

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