The trip in Australia

1 十月, 2006 at 9:50 上午 (Australia)

The RocksJennie and me 

Pic1: The RocksThe Rocks is part of ther traditional home of the Aboriginal Cadigal people. It is also the site where First Fleet mariners stepped ashore and established British settlement on 26 Jan. 1788. Located along the harbour foreshore, much of ther area’s colonial and seafaring heritage is conserved in the architecture, in the texture of hand-hewn sandstone, in the steps and alley and rich laryers of history.

Pic2: Jennie and me. Jennie, a girl who came from Sweden, and I went to Sydney Opera House.  

Sep. 6th , 2006 was my first time to Australia. Everything in Australia is novelty for me.

During the trip I found several things:

  1. Alone also could be happy. For example: I met a young girl who came from Germany. She is prety, nice and smart. She seems know what she want. She came here for learning English( actually she can speak very good English already) and go to Language School to learn English. Now She has part-time job in Australia. She will stay in Australia for 1 year. One day I asked her: what ’s your plan for your future? She said: “I would like to have a my own bookshop, maybe in Australia. But first I have to earn many money.” Look! She has such a ambition!!! I like her. Because she know what she want! 
  2. Talk with people. I really love to talk with people or to chat with people. Because talking can let me to get more different point of view from different people. It can open my eyes and mind. Getting different ideas that can make me think and then find different way out.  
  3. Push ourselves. At begining, I was afraid to talk with foreigners in my cheap hotel. But to talk with foreigners that is my main reason to travel alone. So I decided to push myself to talk with other people, even say hi or how are you? I did. ” Good begining–nice process–and happy ending” Thus, I am not afraid to talk with any people. I can say hi or where are you from without any fear. Plus Smile !!! 
  4. Smiling everytime!!!Druing my trip, I felt ” Smile is the wonderful language in the world” No matter what, just smile!!

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