My 2nd X’mas in OZ

27 十二月, 2007 at 7:27 上午 (Australia)

X’mas always is Bigest festival for western people, however for Asian people it is just a holiday for relaxing more than celebrating!!!

I still remember my 1st X’mas in OZ I had lunch and dinner with Sarah and Kevin, that was a very relaxing day for me!!!

This X’mas (in 2007) I was invited by my bakery shop employer, Kay and Kris. They asked me to come to their house and attend their family meeting!!! They don’t allow me to celebrate X’mas alone or by myself!!! Really I was very excited and looking  forward to meeting them and their family!!!

Kay and Kris are my employer, in the other word, both of them are my BOSS. Of course I was very nervious… I was not sure could I have good conversation with them, and could they understand me!!?? It was untold expectation at that moment!!!

YES, that’s so GREAT!!! I am not only have chance to know what kind of person Kay and Kris is!!! also met more friendly, kindly and caring ladies and gentlemen during Kris’s family meeting!!! Found lovely Australians!!!!

In the end of day, Kay and Kris drove me home, I gave everyone a hug to thank them gave me such good opportunity to know such friendly Australians!!!

Eventually, I still thank them very much!!!! They enriched my impression of X’mas in OZ!!! Thank you, Kay and Kris!!!! 

dscn0004.jpg   dscn0009.jpg

Pic1: My X’mas gift from Kay and Kris

Pic2: marengue cake made by Kay, I love it !!!

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