Got fishes!!

8 四月, 2007 at 8:57 上午 (Australia)


March 18th 2007

That morning (4:30 am), Dave and I went to fish.

Look at pic!!! This fish is BONITO. Totally we catched four BONITOs, but we didn’t keep them even eat them. Dave said these fishes too small!

How can we find the fish?! Actually Dave teach me to look for birds, if we saw the birds are gethering together and near wather that mean there are fish there! So we were trying to looking for birds. In addition, we also can looking for spray (made by fishes). 

Fishing is one of most popular activties in Australia. I see a lot of boats are sailing on the sea during our fishing trip. Also we saw TWO big sea turtles!!!!

Thank you my firend Dave ^__^


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