Gun shooting

25 三月, 2007 at 9:15 上午 (Australia)

Gun shooting

Friends and I went to a farm where need to drive two hours from my living place.

It’s my first time to shoot.

It’s quite fun, but also scared activity. The gun is quite heavy and need much more engery to hold it. For girls, it’s not easy to hold it, even to get target! At least, I got the one target!!!  

My friend Dave is quite good at gun shooting, he was one of member of gun shooting club. He also took me to gun shooting club and took a look. People in there are really very good at shooting, also includes girls!!!

In Australia, people have various activities to have fun, such as boating, fishing, gun shooting, golf…ect. It also is a good opportunity to experience the typical life in Australia ^_^


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