Australia Zoo

25 三月, 2007 at 9:47 上午 (Australia)


My university arranged this Australia Zoo activity for new students who enrol this year.The best part is …It’s free!!!

Australia Zoo is one of famous zoo in Australia. Especially the foremost owner of Australia Zoo is Steve Irwin. Unfortunatelly, Steve Irwin was killed by a poisonous fish when he was taking video. When I was living in Taiwan, I have seen a series of animal videos that made by Steve Irwin, that’s why I know him.

The best two parts in Australia Zoo are: can touch Kangaroo and Koala. There is a area people can see lots Kangaroos  and close to them and then touch them or take pictures with them in very close distance.

 Except these best two parts in Australia Zoo, there is nothing special to go there again. Before Steve Irwin still alive, the mose popular part was he feeding  Crocodiles. However, now I think Australia Zoo needs to find out other attractive part to atrract tourists to come back!


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