The Story on Jan. 23, 2007

15 三月, 2007 at 11:15 上午 (Uncategorized)

Jan, 23 I was going to inspect the room where is in near South Bank.

That morning I called a man name is Carol (It should be a girl’s name)  He is really implite!!! When he pick up the phone, first question he asked me is: “Where are you come from?" Baby, is it discrimination??? I felt really not confortable!   I was offended!!  Then he asked me second question immediately :"When will you move in?"  After I told he I would move in the house in the end of Feb. He seemed not satisified my answer, then he said: “You should know the exactly date! give me the date!"  I was offened again!!! After I answered him: I would move in March 1st. He seemed not interesting in me any more after he know my move-in date. He told me: " I can’t wait for me for 3 weeks…." ( because he has a room would be available on 11th Feb.) This rude man refused me directly!!! It seems that he is the lord who has powerful power to judge everyone and doesn’t respect people.  

After this rude gay man refused me, I didn’t give up and compromise to say ok and thanks. I said: “About the date we can negotiate, and I haven’t inspect your room yet. If I really like your room, maybe I can move in early! " The rude gay man seemed slightly accept my opinion.

However, he still offeded me again !!  He wrote his location on the Internet is near South Bank for 5 min. He said: “I wouldn’t pick you up. When you arrive South Bank, then give me a message, I will send you my address, you find the place by yourself. By the way, you have arrive here before 19:30, because I have to go out on 19:30."   Just 5 min from South Bank, he don’t want to pick me up!!!

He is a REALLY rude man, and I do believe he is a gay!!! From our conversation, he never repect me, but offeded me all the time. He is the first rude person I met in Australia and not friendly!!! Maybe he is so pride of his rooms must can hottest accommodation, then he don’t need to worry about no one would take it!! But his attitude really make me sick!!!  

After our conversation, I am really not interesting in his room any more, but I still want to inspect his room. I just want to see this RUDE gay and what is the rooms look like!!! Giving him a back stroke!!!


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